10 Rules of Sell Videos Online to Earn a Living

This is the best time to sell videos online as the video on demand (VOD Model) business is growing very popularly. The market of online video audience is set to keep up growing, and if you’re a video shooter then it’s the ideal time to earn your living from this.

You might have heard about online photo selling, that idea expanded into a broader industry and opened a new one that is selling videos online. If you’re an amateur filmmaker, or a videographer, or a passionate vlogger then you can start selling your videos online from now on.

Rules of Sell Videos Online to Earn a Living
Rules of Sell Videos Online to Earn a Living

Step 1: Clear Your Mind:

Now, the question you are thinking is there any chance of earning a living from selling videos against some money where everyone finds everything from YouTube for free?

Absolutely, there’s a big chance of earning a hefty amount from this VOD model business. If the quality of the video content is rich then people will buy it. You’ll not get to see high rich quality content videos for free on YouTube.

If you provide superior content in your videos then you can get money from selling those. And, there is a market growing rapidly where people want to buy videos having rich quality content. Otherwise, Amazon Prime or Netflix would not become so popular in the era of YouTube, isn’t it?

Step 2: DON’T Do These:

Don’t use old topics that are being created million times already. Don’t make videos that are already available with rich content on YouTube or other famous video streaming platforms.

Don’t make just videos, I mean an online media having audio and moving pictures. No one will buy those, definitely, you also wouldn’t.

Don’t make duplicate content. Videos that are copied frame by frame from other similar ones will not attract buyers. Keep in your mind that don’t try to sell videos downloaded from other sources.

Normal vlogs like where someone points their faces towards the camera and telling about something, will also not going to be sold properly. So if you’re thinking about that, get rid of it.

Step 3: Ecosystem for the Sell Videos Online:

At first, you have to learn the ecosystem for selling the videos online. The steps are as follows:

  • Learn about the Do’s and Don’ts of selling videos online
  • Decide about your video topic niche
  • Either go for your own hosted website or select a well-established platform
  • Create Videos with proper editing and rendering
  • Upload videos to the platform
  • Decide the correct payment structure
  • Customize the site for a better user experience
  • Promote content in proper ways

Step 4: Decide the Correct Niche:

Deciding the correct niche is the main strategy of this online business. You neither go with a niche where you don’t possess any particular knowledge nor pick a niche having fewer market demands. So, at the beginning do some market studies!

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According to our research, a few demanding niches are Entertainment, Health & Fitness, Yoga & Meditations, Sports, E-Learning, Kids Contents, and DIYs.

Market researches will give you the idea of which topics are trending, which topics have demands, and which videos are people buying. Chalk out a few of them. Then decide which topics are coming under your expertise. Pick the appropriate niche among the list, having both the demand and easy to make content.

Step 5: Selection of the Proper Platform

You can either go with your own video streaming website, or you can go with an established website from a popular company. The choice is yours.

The benefit of developing your own video streaming platform is you don’t have to rely on others as the website is yours. It is hosted according to your choice, thus everything will be under your control. You don’t have to upload your created precious videos to other’s platforms. The risk of losing the videos is nil.

If you are planning for your own video streaming website then it will be easy to build it with a proper website builder. You can also go with WordPress or WIX, and build it from scratch according to your choices. There are a large number of themes available for VOD models or Video streaming websites. The last option is to hire website developers to build the video blog properly.

If you are planning to host your videos on a well-established website then the main benefit of this choice will be that you will get all kinds of help from that particular company. And you don’t have to think much about promoting and marketing your content. Those sites are having lots of traffics already.

There are a few popular websites that host videos for the VOD model. The well-established sites are:-

  2. Yondo
  3. Vimeo
  4. Amazon Video Direct
  5. Dacast
  6. Muvi
  7. Wistia
  8. Vidyard
  9. IBM Cloud Video
  10. Brightcove

All these sites are exceptionally well and profitable too. You can sign up for your account under their website, choose your preferred plan, and start your video selling an online business.

Step 6: Create Videos That Can Attract:

After selecting the suitable niche and the proper platform, here comes the main thing which is the creation of quality videos that can attract viewers. And to do that, you need to apply some special touches in the videos.

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Don’t just record one, apply filters so that people love to see the videos. Edit the video with proper video editing tools. Flavor it up by adding special effects, and animations. Render videos nicely to fit in high-resolution modes.

Now, decide on your target audiences. Ask yourself, what is the category of your videos? Is it motivational, is it tutorial, is it for technology advancements, or is it for entertainment? And so on… Apply effects that comply with the category.

Try to give values as much as you can in the videos. Make them worth buying. Then people will give you money to get those values from your videos. Otherwise, you may not see nice profits. Create videos according to the target audiences. Do researches on what they are preferring and what they are not!

Step 7: Upload Videos and Customize Them Properly:

Once you create a playlist of enough videos, and then you can start to upload them serially on the platform. You can upload your videos either on a self-hosted site or in the established sites; the procedure of uploading is pretty much the same. You just need to have a good amount of internet connection speed.

Some established websites have the option to sync videos directly from Dropbox, YouTube, etc. So in that case you don’t have to re-upload your videos again.

You can customize the video playlist according to your choice. You can give users the choice to download (after payment), or you can give them scope to stream online. Place the video player app properly; maintain it with mobile friendliness. Insert your brand’s logo; use your brand’s banner as well. It’s in your business strategy, so customize according to that.

Step 8: Decide the Payment Procedures:

Now, the next important step is to determine your correct payment procedure. There are three kinds of popular payment processes available under the Video-On-Demand model. Those are Subscription-based, Ad Based, and Transactional Based VOD procedures.

let me describe you briefly. You can monetize your videos with three types – SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD.

In SVOD (Subscription-based Videos-On-Demand), users can purchase subscriptions on a limited-time basis where they can enjoy full access to all the videos. After the time span, they have to re-subscribe to the module. The time span may vary from 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. As long as their subscription is valid they can stream videos on a premium plan basis.

In AVOD (Advertisement-based Videos-On-Demand), you can monetize the videos with advertisements. By placing popular ads in the video you can monetize free videos too! Users can enjoy videos free, but you will be paid on a per-view basis. Free contents are always good to grow user retention.

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In TVOD (Transaction-based Videos-On-Demand), users can purchase or rent a video with the said amount of money. If they purchase the video then they can download and access it for a lifetime. If they take Rent then it will be accessible for a limited amount of time. Users can gain limited access to the videos.

So, choose your monetization process according to these types. You can go with either one strategy or all of them. It will be better to apply all kinds of money-making processes to get the maximum amount from the videos.

Step 9: Promote Your Contents in Proper Channel:

After all the things said and done, the final step will be to promote your brand in proper channels. As you have to reach your audiences, you need to market your brand correctly. The more people get to know your brand, the more they will visit for the purchase.

Showcase your Video Selling Website on popular social media platforms. Share links of the Landing page on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. WhatsApp & Telegram are also nice places to share your links. Attract more viewers to your platform.

You can run some teasers as the promotional strategy of the actual video on YouTube for Free. From YouTube, people will get to know about the content you are delivering and then they will come into your website for the actual video. Use the free video links as your marketing strategy.

Share them in the email marketing process as well. People nowadays are using email applications frequently, so outreach for a large number of users through email marketing.

Key Takeaways:

What are you waiting for? Stop reading the article, and start doing your online video selling business from today. After the COVID19 outbreak, the online market became much wider than before; people are approaching everything in online mode. Make use of it; earn your living from this enormous market.

In the beginning days, you might not get to see too much income, but as time goes on, you’ll get a nice return from this business. The average revenue for a well-established person in any niche is $5635 per month. Now, will you start the sell videos online work?

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