10 Powerful Advantages of Ecommerce Live Chat

Live chats are exactly the same as store assistants but in the digital world. In eCommerce sites, live chats are very essential as they imitate real-world store assistants.

Imagine a shop where you entered to purchase a product, and if you’ve questions in mind then you’d like to meet the store assistant for help. Otherwise, you’ll not make any purchases and leave the shop.

The same goes for the digital versions of the shops. If you have queries regarding purchase from any online shop then live chats are there to assist you. So these live chat systems are the game-changer for eCommerce businesses.

Powerful Advantages of Ecommerce Live Chat
Powerful Advantages of Ecommerce Live Chat

Live chats can retain customers; they can increase sales and trust among various customers. To build an everlasting brand, one must impose live chats on their eCommerce sites.

We have implemented live chats on our contact page, and the user returning percentage has grown up much after implementing the live chat. So, we know all the advantages of these applications and thus we are using them and recommending you to use them as well.

The purpose of this blog is too aware of the facts and advantages to those who are still not using live chat applications to their websites. If you’re one of them then surely this article will change your mind.

What’s Ecommerce Live Chat?

To keep it in short, it’s an effective tool to help businesses to achieve their goal pretty easily by implementing support to the customers regarding sales, marketing, promo, and offers. Customers can connect with the core team easily and efficiently.

Live chat can grow a business’s cart value, can illustrate the product needs, and can help customers to make better decisions regarding their purchases.

eCommerce Live Chat BlogToSuccess
eCommerce Live Chat BlogToSuccess

What are the Powerful Advantages of Live Chat system?

1. Live Chat can provide instant replies to the customer problems

What would you prefer, to wait for a reply of an email after an hour for your instant problem or get a reply back instantly what to do if you are stuck with a problem? I hope, everyone will choose the second option.

Live chat provides that solution by giving instant replies back to the customer to get rid of their problem quickly. It’s a much better way to interconnect with the sales team, marketing team, or management team via the live chat option.

After sending an email, or shooting the contact form service, a customer has to wait for a time to know the actual processes of the solution. But with the use of live chat, a customer doesn’t need to stare at the watch more. A happy customer means a happier you!

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2. Serve Multiple Customers at the same time

Consider solution through phone call. One assistant can assist one customer at once. But for the live chats, one assistant can chat with multiple customers at the same time.

So, in those businesses where multiple customer requests are handled simultaneously, the live chat option is better in my guess.

With the live chat option, customer problems are also stored on a textual basis, which will be used for references in the upcoming future. If the customer problems and customer queries are stored somehow then businesses can manage the data to rectify the problems for their good sake.

Moreover, customers do not have to wait in a queue to get the attention of the assistances. These queries can be answered in a short while.

Live Chat example
Live Chat example

3. Don’t Have to Repeat the Problems

While transferring a call from one department to another department, customers have to repeat their again and again problems which are a very bad option for customer retention.  

Users don’t like to say one problem again and again to the different associates. So, live chat will be a better option as the problems written in texts can be transferred to the proper assistant so that he/she can manage the query effectively.

Customers do not have to write it again/ or do not have to repeat it again to another person. It will create a nice impact on the customer’s mind!

4. Do not have to wait for a Long

For classical customer supports, the customer either sends an email or gives a call to the associates. If the numbers of queries are much higher, then customers have to wait for a long time to get back for a reply.

Sometimes, a few emails were remaining unanswered or some calls were disconnected due to lack of network issues. Both the options led to waiting for the customer for a much amount of time.

With live chat, if the associate is busy then the customer can choose among other free associates to tell the problems. After hitting the chat now button, the unanswered queries remain opened so that the associate can look into the matter and must give a reply back to the customer.

So, no queries will remain unanswered. And the waiting time is very short compared to classical customer support.

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The better the customer support is the company will get a better reputation.

5. Customer can get Personalized Service based on the Activity

A customer can get quality responses by his/her activity in that portal. Using personalized services, eCommerce sites can deliver quality chat responses summarizing the purchase history, previous checkouts, previous chat history, cart history, liked products and etc.

If a customer gets stuck on a page, a personalized live chat option can guide his/her to the checkout page and with proper checkout options. Without asking repetitive questions, customers can easily browse through pages using the personalized chat service.

All the activities are stored, thus from next time customers can again browse easily through the stored live chats. With personalized assistance, a customer will not collide with the problems of other customers. Online store assistants can manage all of them efficiently with the past records.

6. Automation can add Bonus Strength

With the automatic live chat options, many companies are increasing their sales one step further. It adds bonus strength to the live chat system. Using the auto-pilot option businesses can solve basic and small queries instantaneously.

Most of the powerful automated live chat systems have the features like:

  1. Sending automated chats like welcome message or goodbye message
  2. Can send the links to the proper pages according to the user searches
  3. Can redirect to the proper checkout pages
  4. Can send appropriate products as per the customer needs
  5. Can help the users to contact the right assistance for their respective problems

Using auto-pilot chat services human assistants can focus on complex problems and this can save much time for both the customers and agents.

A large number of queries are the same in nature; automation can help them to answer on the go! One company can set its own answers using powerful automated live chat software.

7. Using Live Chat Operators can judge Customers too

Not all the users are proper customers, and not all the customers are the same in nature. Using the live chats option, operators can understand the nature of that user.

The user is an actual customer or just comes to hang around on the site can be judged by their chat types. Unnecessary time-wasting behind-the-site hoppers will not be entertained by using proper live chat apps.

8. Automated Live Chat can serve Round-the-Clock

It is not possible to arrange assistants all the time or to manage customers 24 hours by the agents all time. In those cases, automated live chats can serve the customers round-the-clock any time. A customer can get help if it is midnight too!

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Surely this feature can elevate the dignity of the eCommerce site to that customer’s perspective. 24×7 availability is now becoming a must for big brands.

If operators are not there, turn on the automation and the chat app receives the messages on an offline basis. When a customer support agent comes, he then can manage them one by one.

9. Suggest Product Recommendations and Personalized Offers

Live chat apps if having built-in artificial intelligence quality then they can suggest products recommended to the customer’s previous purchase records.

Not only this but also can give personalized offers and discounts so that the customer cannot leave the order without making any purchase.

With the powerful live chat apps having automation and artificial intelligence, businesses can grow their sales by over 42% and more. With personalized offers, discounts, and product recommendations, different customers can get different services from the same eCommerce sites.

Not all customers are the same for a particular business. Some privileged customers will be treated differently by the intelligent chat apps. Reputation will grow immensely with live chat apps.

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10. Admin can Measure the Operator Performances from the Live Chat System

To improve the assistance and the quality of the operators, the administration can monitor their performances through live chat apps.

Live chat apps come with reports and analytics to measure the performances of the operator teams. How they treated the customers, how they responses to the queries, all things are recorded and stored in the live chat apps.

By monitoring the data the admin can understand the flow of requests, the problem domains, the response times, the availability of the agents, the customer satisfaction, etc other metrics.


So these are the top advantages of the live chat system. No doubt these points can be the main reason behind using live chat for the eCommerce sites. A new eCommerce site can grow its goodwill quickly using a live chat app.

Customer experience can grow from the beginning with using superb live chat applications. It can become the best tool for sales conversion and building trust with online shoppers.


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