How to Increase Traffic on Blog for Free in 2021

Driving traffic on a blog for free is not an easy task; let me tell you this at first. But, there are multiple ways to increase traffic on blog for free. You need to give time and work on those ways regularly to increase traffic day by day on your blog.

Creating a new blog is much easier than getting traffic on the blog. Publish a new blog? Okay, fine. There are millions of blogs already in the queue asking the viewers’ attention. Publishing a new blog will not bring any traffic, after some days you might find that you’re the only viewer watching your blog again and again.

That’s pretty harsh! Isn’t it? So first follow these easy steps to drive traffic to a new blog. After a few months, when you see a gradual increment in your weekly viewers’ graph, then apply these steps which are mentioned below:

How to Increase Traffic on Blog for Free in 2021
How to Increase Traffic on Blog for Free in 2021

#1: Use Quora to Increase Traffic on Blog

Quora is a question-answer type social media platform that drives tons of traffic daily. People have lots of questions to ask and are searching for their answers. Quora is that platform where people are asked about their problems and looking for the correct solution.

They can post the questions and get the answers from knowledgeable persons for free. In this way, Quora became a leader in the social media platform recently.

Use the leverage of this platform. There are still some questions that are unanswered. There are many questions having no such proper answer. Search those questions according to your blog articles.

Give suitable answers, maybe something you’ve already written in your blog posts. Maybe you have the solution to those problems. Link back to your blog post. If people find your answers are worthy, they will definitely visit your blog to get the whole answer regarding that question.

If your article satisfies them, then your answer will get upvotes. A lot of upvotes mean you’re giving proper solutions, and thus free traffic will automatically come to your posts regularly.

#2: Use Twitter to Share Your Links

Twitter is a nice platform where you can share the links to your articles. Twitter has a strong community, where they engage daily and spend a lot of time hanging on trendy topics.

Whatever your niche is, target the proper Twitter hash-tags according to your articles. Share the link mentioning those hash-tags. Millions of people from Twitter watch Tweets on various hash-tags daily basis. If your post is visible there, then it can attract genuine visitors to your blog.

If your article has the potential then it might get some shares also. That’s it; automatically it will bring more traffic into your blog.

#3: Use Pinterest to Share Your Post’s Images

Pinterest is the leading platform in today’s time, where people searches and download images for free. You can find awesome images, GIFs, short videos on any wide range of topics on Pinterest.

People engage on Pinterest to look for more attractive images. Use this option to drive traffic to your blog. You are already using images, gifs, or videos in your article. Then why not share those on Pinterest?

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It not only brings traffic but also creates backlinks to those used images and other graphics as well. High-quality images will catch the viewer’s attention, opening those will directly lead them to your blog page.

It will help both the parties, you’ll get a visitor and the person will then have a lot of information regarding the image.

#4: Use Tumblr to Drive More Traffic

Tumblr can be a handy social media option to drive more traffic to your blog. Tumblr is basically a blog-type platform. There you can create blogs under the Tumblr domain. So, people who engage in Tumblr want new & fresh articles.

Share your articles on Tumblr; obviously don’t forget to use proper hashtags as well. If you’re able to create a strong community on Tumblr, then you can see a regular traffic flow from that channel.

Tumblr also creates backlinks to your articles. More backlinks mean more stepping forward in the eyes of SEO.

#5: Don’t Ignore Your Google Search Console Data

After your blog becomes three or four months old, head back to the Google Search Console report. Under the “Search Results” option, look for the best performing queries and pages of the last three months.

You will now have a clear idea of which pages are working with natural traffic and which are not. And also you’ll have the idea of which queries are bringing organic viewers into your blog.

Focus on those best-performing results. Try to create more posts particularly on those topics, keeping the search queries in mind.

Google Search Console Top Queries
Google Search Console Top Queries

You can get two types of query data from the search results report. Few queries are bringing visitors to your site, and others are having a lot of impressions.

The pages that are having a lot of impressions but cannot able to convert into leads, try to update their contents with a high pitch. Deliver more information in the writing, using correct graphics could do your job probably!

Do these works repeatedly, after a few months you’ll see a healthy increment in your organic traffic.

#6: Keep Your Eye on the Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another free tool that you can use to increase blog traffic if you do it perfectly. Keep your eyes on Google Analytics data on regular basis.

If your blog is running steadily for a few months, then it’s time to check the demographics data. There you can find all the locations from where your blog is gaining most of the views. Now, you’ll have some country names.

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These countries are bringing the lion’s share of your overall blog traffic. So, target the audience from these countries.

Google Analytics Demographics
Google Analytics Demographics

Open Google Trends; see which queries are trending from those countries. Chalk out the search keywords. Start writing posts on the keywords which relate to your niche.

While writing, keeping the target audiences in mind, try to write content that they love to read. Your main focus will be to gain more traffic from those locations. If your articles can match with the choices of the viewers to those locations, then Google will show your blog posts more on those areas.

More impressions can turn into more clicks. So it will be a better idea to go for selected countries rather than targeting the total globe.  

#7: Build a Strong Relationship with the Viewers

Ask your visitors to give comments on your posts. Any comments regardless they are good or bad, are welcome cordially. Try to reply to them back.

With the continuous pingbacks, you will gradually create a conversation with your visitors. Try to understand what they want to say on your blog content.

Is it okay? Is it nice? Or is it not up to their mark? Do listen to what your viewers are saying and update your content writing accordingly.

Always remember, a strong relationship with your viewers can increase the number of shares of your posts suddenly. Your pocket viewers can refer your blog to their circles. More shares mean more traffic. So, viewers can bring you more viewers for free, only when you create a strong bonding with them.

#8: Work Hard to Gain Backlinks

Gaining backlinks is not an easy task. As you want more traffic for free, so you have to work hard to earn backlinks to your blog site. Paying money to buy backlinks is not what you are searching for.

Now the question is how to acquire free backlinks? Giving comments on various blogs with linking back to your posts is not the solution. This will not help you rather hurt you more.

You have to target quality backlinks, like do-follow types.

To acquire those for free first you have to write quality content. Content enriches with premium quality and correct information will automatically create backlinks on behalf of you.

Secondly, visit popular blogs and search for those articles that match the criteria with your articles. You can contact the admin of those blogs. Ask them to link with your content that matches the quality information that you’ve already provided. If they do that, it will be a successful do-follow backlink.

Everyone wants to link their blog post with quality content, so if you have some try to gather backlinks by this process.

Thirdly, you can contact a beginner blogger like you. You both can exchange do-follow links with your own posts. I think it will be a win-win situation as both of you are getting proper do-follow backlinks.

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Last but not the least; try to search for bad links or broken links on other sites. You can use some free tools for this purpose.

Note down all the broken links you’ve got, and then consider those ones on which you have written already some posts. Ask the site owner to replace those bad links with fresh links to your posts. I hope they’ll definitely do this. It may take a lot of time and a lot of work, but you can gather quality do-follow backlinks for free.

#9: Give Away eBooks to Increase Traffic

Everyone wants something for free. If you greet your visitors with free downloadable eBooks then that will work like magnets. Not only does it increase traffic but also increases user retentions, and lead generations.

You can give away eBooks, and other digital products like free quality photographs, infographics, videos, etc. With a free download option, you can ask for email ids, which can help you later on with email marketing.

#10: Join Groups and Forums:

Search for Facebook groups relating to your blog niche. You can find a huge list of groups on Facebook. Either join in local or global, private or public, all groups can help you drive traffic to your blog.

But don’t share your links from the beginning. Stay in groups for a long time, know the environment properly, when someone is seeking any solution, share what you have got.

With this kind of sharing you can build a proper rapport among those groups. Then sharing your links will become easier.

Also, join in forums. Search in Google, you’ll find lots of forums. In forums, there are dedicated persons hanging around all day. Seek their attention; learn the best time to share your links. Forums will be the best channel to drive a healthy amount of traffic to your new blog.

Final Words:

A lot of things have been said, but the actual factor is the implementation. Without proper implementation, getting traffic for free is a pretty hard task. Why is that so? Because of the competition!

There are already thousands of posts available to satisfy the queries of the searchers. So, to stand out from the crowd, you need to step ahead. To step ahead in a competitive field either requires money or hard work. Now choose what you want.

Without hard work, and without the correct implementation of the above-said points, increasing traffic will become baseless. If you have mastered some other processes to increase traffic on your blog for free then let us know by giving your valuable comments.

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