How to Use Facebook for your Affiliate Marketing

So you’ve started your dreams to become a successful affiliate marketer. I think you’ve created your primary unique affiliate marketing links under your desired companies. Now what? How to gain leads? How to use Facebook to gain a large number of affiliate sales!!

These questions are rising in your mind and thus you have landed here. Okay, without talking about other things let’s dive into the main topic. But at first, you need to check some points that are you ready to start your campaign on Facebook?

Affiliate Marketing with Facebook - Blog To Success
Affiliate Marketing with Facebook – Blog To Success

What essential points you have to keep in mind before starting your Facebook Affiliate campaigns

Presently we all have our own Facebook IDs. But, I will recommend you to create one more Facebook ID by your business name. Are you thinking about why I said the term business? Obviously, it will be your business as affiliate marketing is not easy. We all know that we can generate a huge income from affiliate sales, but to those only who are pretty much serious about this marketing strategy.


I can give you a list of affiliate marketers who are wandering around here but only a few of them are gaining a large amount of income. They have one thing in common. They are serious about their marketing strategy. And if you don’t make this work as your professional business then you don’t come up with a good marketing strategy hence zero income from affiliate marketing. So the conclusion is, to earn a lot from affiliate marketing you have to keep faith in yourself, think of your work as a serious business, and apply strategic plans to become successful in this field.

Now after creating another Facebook ID to use for this purpose, you have to create a page with the name of your business by that second ID. Facebook pages are a great source of displaying ads, posts, and can reach a lot of people with ease. Not only a Facebook page but also create a Facebook group.

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Groups are very helpful as lots of people chatter in the groups, keeps on posting and sharing now and then. So to engage a lot of people in a confined space you need to create a Group also. In groups, people can share their thoughts or can give reviews, which will definitely help to grow your affiliate marketing in the future.

After setting Facebook Page and Group, now what?

Now your primary focus will be to engage lots of followers to your new page and also in the group. At first start with your original ID. I mean the main Facebook profile you were using. Send your close friends to like that page. Your close friends will definitely like your page. Tell them to share your page with their Facebook friends.

With this, you can create a good amount of initial followers for your page. Keep on posting some exciting posts on that page regularly. Engage your viewers on the page. Then share your group link on the page. And your followers will join your group.

GetResponse Pro

Do share your new posts on the page and groups as well. Show your social presence among your friends. Engage yourself in the page and group, reply to your friends and followers. This is the initial trust-building of your business to others.

Day by day you will see the followers are increasing in your page and group. Keep on posting some exciting facts, daily news, trivia so that people find interest in your page and group. It will create a solid foundation for your business page and business group. At least a month or two will need to create a strong followers backup.

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The Main Part of Affiliate Marketing

After two months you are ready to start marketing on your page and group. If you think that taking another month or so will create a better foundation then do exactly like that. It depends on how much popularity your page and group gained in the last two or three months.

Start to post regarding your niche. You have to start posting some images, videos, pieces of information regarding the niche you have selected for your marketing. Attract your followers to like that niche. Sharing a lot of information will increase their knowledge and also interest in that topic.


Then it is time to share your affiliate links. But, I will recommend you not to share your links directly. Rather use or any other kind of link shorteners. is a trustable link shortener and also works well for affiliate marketing.

Short The Links

To shorten your affiliate links through shortener. Post images, trivia, facts, and news and share your links with those posts. Tell your followers to visit them and ask them to give feedback to them. If you were able to create a good trust issue then they will surely now visit your links and some of them can turn into your customers also.

You can increase the chances of people favoring your posts by commenting on the page posts from your main ID. Then people will trust your comments and visit the links. If you found any friend who liked it, then tell him/her to refer that link to other friends also. Tell them to share your post.

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You can also share your affiliate posts in some other groups and on some other pages also. But be cautious, not all groups or pages will entertain that. If you already have some good connection with other groups, only in that case share your affiliate linked posts otherwise don’t.

Find other groups of your niche. Join them from your second ID. If you are able to share your affiliate posts in that group then must do that. Then comment on those posts from your main profile so that other viewers get that post as legit and might visit your affiliate company’s site.


Share Your Links in Appropriate Channel

There are lots of groups on Facebook having thousands or even millions of members joined. Share your posts, give your feedback, tell the benefits of that particular product or service in the post’s details. You can get lots of customers from those groups. It can surely generate huge revenue by applying all these procedures.

But keep in mind that don’t share only your affiliate posts. Also, mix it up with other related posts from that niche. Otherwise, you might get banned by the admin of those groups, or also you can lose followers from your own page or group. It will decrease your growth tremendously.


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