How to take Benefits from Twitter Newsletters

If you’re a blogger or publisher you might look around for Newsletter services to greet your subscribers with your fresh latest content. Yes, email marketing is a delightful methodology to attract more viewers and also retaining your old users engaged in your site. Many recent publishers adapting the process of sending newsletters to their subscribers, so why you should keep yourself away from taking this service?

Creating newsletters and sending emails to your subscribers need an extra plug-in for the WordPress publishers. It is not free; you have to spend bucks to get the process going from your side. But what about this one if you get to use the service for free? Sound exciting isn’t it? And if I told you, you’ll get this from your Twitter account then definitely it will add more excitement.

Yes, you heard absolutely correct. You can use email marketing from your Twitter account as well, and that’s absolutely free. Twitter recently adds this feature. If you are a publisher or if you own a blog site then you should take the advantage of this free Twitter Newsletter service.

Twitter Newsletter Revue
Twitter Newsletter Revue

What Twitter Newsletter Does?

Twitter recently merged with the Dutch newsletter platform Revue to bring email marketing services for their users. Twitter is the place where people logged in to see what happens in the daily world and talk about their opinions, suggestions, and more. It’s one of the biggest platforms where many publishers, writers, journalists, and experts share their written content for social media marketing purposes. Followers see their shared contents and visit the site, thus well-balanced traffic is generated daily from this Twitter social media platform.

So now Twitter giving them the opportunity to start email marketing services also by merging with Revue. Revue makes it easy for the publishers to increase the new subscribers’ list. Publishers can create and edit beautiful newsletters and send their subscribers very easily. Not only that but also publishers can see the insight that means the full analytics table is also available after sending newsletters. Revue accelerates the work by informing subscribers about their latest articles. Users can share the newsletter link via new tweets also. So publishers can increase their monetization option bringing subscribers back into their website, blog site, Twitter, or any other social media platforms also.

How Twitter Newsletter Works?

twitter Newsletter option

It is only available in Twitter Web mode, which means you need to log in to your Twitter account from your desktop/laptop. Click on the “more” option where you can see the Newsletter option, showing with the new badge word (actually now it’s new, maybe it will omit later). Clicking on the newsletter option a new modal window will appear. There you have to click on the ‘Find out more’ blue button to redirect to the Revue site.

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Now it’s the place where you can build your customized newsletter. See at the right side there under the ‘My Items’ section you can connect your article source.

Connecting Article Sources

You can get different types of connecting sources under the ‘Integrations’ tab like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pocket, Dribbble, Feedbin, RSS Feeds, Medium, etc. So here you can connect your articles directly into the newsletter dashboard. If you own a WordPress Website then simply connect it via RSS feeds. If you use the Medium Blog platform then select the Medium option. Or you can also connect your Instagram, Facebook account to fetch the posts from those social media sites.

After a successful connection, you can automatically see your latest post under the ‘My Items’ Section. Drag and drop your favorite one which you want to use in your next Newsletter. You can add multiple posts at once. You can also alter links. You can modify excerpt texts. You can create Headings, Italic texts, bolden any line or make it underline to give highlights.

Twitter Newsletter Dashboard
Twitter Newsletter Dashboard

Modify Twitter Newsletter Design

If you want to modify the default design then click on the ‘Design’ tab. Here you can change the theme, header design, primary and secondary colors of the newsletter.

Setting Proper Profile

You can set your profile under the ‘Profile’ tab. You can change the default email address. If you want then you can change your profile username from here. You can set proper profile icon, newsletter title, newsletter author name, description of the issue, other address information, etc from here.

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You can set other settings also from the ‘Settings’ tab. You can show off/on your current subscribers count. Users can set their preferred language, time zone, etc under the settings tab. Users can add more team members from the ‘Team’ tab option.

Add Subscribers into Newsletter

Click on the Subscribers option from the menu situated at the top. Here you have to add your subscribers’ list at first. You can either add manually one by one, or you can import from a file or from your Mailchimp list.

After adding subscribers, you can see your current subscriber list at the bottom. So your Newsletter will be delivered to this email list.

Send Twitter Newsletters

After creating your newsletter you can see two buttons at the bottom saying ‘Preview’ and ‘Schedule Issue’. Clicking on the preview you can see the overall structure of your newsletter; it is the exact copy of what your subscribers will see. If you’re satisfied with the look then click on the schedule issue button.

Send Newsletter
Send Newsletter

You can either send it instantly or schedule it later according to your choice. After sending any newsletter you’ll get to see the ‘Insights’ of that newsletter. This analytical tool comes free with the Twitter Revue platform. You can see how many of your subscribers open the newsletter and whether clicked any post link or not. So it is a very handy tool to know which posts are getting views from your subscribers. You can also see the engagement data from the analytics dashboard.

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Paid Memberships

Through Revue publishers can start paid memberships option from the subscriptions; it’s a nice way to monetize your content. Publishers don’t need to spend any extra dollars to get this feature from Twitter Revue; all accounts can take this benefit with no costs at all.

But, Revue now will charge 5% of the paid newsletter fee. It’s actually a very competitive rate for expert writers and famous bloggers. Writers can earn more revenue generated from their paid memberships.


Twitter officials said that they are working simultaneously with the Revue team to keep their work up to the best, and promise to bring more exciting features from Revue in the upcoming days. So if you are a blogger, writer, or any journalist then you should start using Revue from Twitter. If you use any other email marketing service then let us know by giving comments. Is it a free or paid service?  

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