How To Increase CTR (Click-Through-Rate) for Contextual Ads Publishers

Click-through rate or CTR is the ratio of the number of clicks recorded on a specific link to the number of times people view that link. The higher the clicking number is the better chances of reaching your goal quickly.

So if any link is viewed 1000 times but got clicks 40 times then the CTR will be (40/1000*100) i.e 4% which is not bad for a new website.

But, if your site is well established for a long time then it’s time to think about increasing the CTR. There are multiple ways to increase the CTR.

How To Increase CTR (Click Through Rate)
How To Increase CTR (Click Through Rate)

Few websites claimed that you can increase CTR by 60% or 50% like that in a very sudden time. But in a legit way that’s actually not possible in a very small amount of time.

To increase CTR you need to follow some rules in your blog posts. Now they are exclaimed below:

What does it mean by low CTR?

Low CTR can be a result of multiple reasons. Maybe the title of the post is not a catchy type. Maybe the quality of the content is not so good. Or maybe you’re targeting the wrong audiences. If your content doesn’t provide value to the viewers then they will not click further. It is as simple as that.

Low CTR in your contextual ads is the result of all these reasons. You need to provide meaningful content in the article. Place appropriate ads which relate to your posts. So that people find it useful and click through the sponsor ads hoping to get more value from the next articles.

If you are running online advertisement campaigns then you should check the CTR metrics, it will give you a clear idea of the effectiveness of the ad campaigns. Otherwise, faulty ad campaigns will not drive traffic to your landing page.

Increase CTR by meaningful contents

Now, this is the main thing for increasing the CTR value. Meaningful and valuable contents are worthy for High CTRs. Write content about the problems of your audience. You have to keep the search intent in mind write the solutions for those. Then place relevant contextual ads in between them.

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Many popular Contextual ad networks like Taboola, MGID, OutBrain, etc places in-article content ads very intelligently. Gumgum, a new breed in this contextual ad network platform uses artificial intelligence to place in-article ads efficiently according to the concept of your content.

If the quality of content is not providing value to the users then it will not be helpful for the publishers irrespective of how many superior ads they placed in between the articles. It won’t increase CTR values.

Use Attractive Titles to increase CTR

Attractive titles have the potential to lift up CTR values very rapidly. It’s kind of a clickbait process, where the titles become very much lucrative to click. If the title contains both positive and negative emotions then it can increase the chances of clicking on the article.

Use the search intent in the headline. People are looking for their answers, and when they find the search intent displayed in the title, it will easily generate clicks.

Sometimes it can be a better idea to implement search intent in the sub-heading part as well. If you place your focus keyword in the sub-heading then it will raise the chances of getting more clicks organically.

Use Attractive Titles to increase CTR
Use Attractive Titles to increase CTR

Use Powerful words/lines to draw attention

If you want to raise the CTR value then you must have to draw the attention of your visitors. Powerful words or phrases can draw attention nicely. Place your contextual ads beneath them.

If users are attracted to that segment then it will create a high chance of getting clicks on that contextual ad displaying in that region.

Publishers have to be more careful in drawing the attention of their visitors. It will be a bad idea if they use multiple regions to draw attention in a single post. A single region per post will be enough to snatch attention.

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Also, they have to keep in mind that the ad displayed in that area should have to be worthy of a click. Otherwise drawing the attention will not increase CTR so easily. Place the best relevant ads here. Your metrics will give you an idea of which ad format is working best for you. Put that one instead.

Images Talk Better than Words

Yes, definitely. If you want to understand anything, you will get that easily by seeing any image rather than reading normal words. So displaying proper images into the blog posts will generate more chances of clicks.

You can use clickable images or videos in between the paragraphs. It will work better for affiliate marketers. Most of the recent contextual ad networks provide awesome images and also videos to generate better chances of clicks.

Use your own graphics rather than using others. You can run A/B tests and check which formats are performing and which are not depending on your niche.

Remember to place the correct ads above or bottom of those media to increase CTR. The report says that people tend to click ads more that are placed beside any attractive image or video.

Tell visitors NOT to click on the link

Basically, it’s a psychological matter. If you’re told not to click on a link without knowing it, you might click on that link to know it better. There are lots of people wandering in the web world with a similar psychological nature.

So if you are eager to increase CTR in a better position you might try this one for a limited amount of time. Do not use it for a long time; it may affect you badly later.

Do Not Click Here Psychology
Do Not Click Here Psychology

Don’t use too many ads on a single page

Using a lot of contextual ads in a single post is very much non-visitor-friendly. Keep 3 to 4 ads in a group under any single post. Let them compete with each other to increase higher CTR.

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If you check the insights then you will get which one is performing best and which one is worst. Change that particular ad; it may be not creating a good impact on your visitors. Use the variations of the best-performing ad type.

If you use too many ads in a single post then the bounce rate may become high, ads cannot draw attention when they are being used in very large numbers.

Compare your site with the competitors

If your competitor is getting higher CTR than you then try to compare with your competitors and determine where you are lacking. Don’t just sit after starting ad campaigns. Maybe those ad campaigns are not compatible with your competitors. Borrow the idea and implement it on your site.

Last Words:

You may have understood now, that increasing CTR click-through rates in a short span is not a possible task. It needs time to reflect, so keep your patience.

Obviously, choosing an appropriate contextual ad network is also essential prior to your business niche. In that scenario, it will be best if you run A/B tests also among some popular ad networks.

If you’re new and receiving less amount of traffic lately, then I recommend you to use one among Nativo, NativeAds, or Sharethrough platforms. But if your site hits over 1 million visits then go for MGID, Taboola, or OutBrain.

You can customize the ad types according to the visitors’ type. Appropriate ads placed in correct places will increase CTR click rates exponentially.

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