How to Drive Traffic from Instagram to Your Website

Wondering how to drive traffic from Instagram, the leading social media platform to your website? Instagram currently having over 1 billion monthly users is surely a place to attract lots of traffic to your website or blog. But with growing popularity and users, Instagram is also becoming the correct marketplace for large brands for consumer attention.

So it is a very hard but profitable challenge to drive traffic from Instagram to your newly made website or blog. Frankly speaking, it is becoming very competitive now to gain attention from Instagram users and drive them into the site. Luckily there are still some ways to make you stand out from the crowd. If you follow proper planning then you can attract your targeted viewers from Instagram. So follow the article for those vital ways.

Drive Traffic from Instagram
Drive Traffic from Instagram to Website

How to Drive Traffic from Instagram to Your Website:

For many established business owners Instagram became the primary channel for sourcing a great amount of traffic to their web store or site. They planted a well-maintained business model so that the channel can bring large traffic to them. But if you’re new to this field then you should start the proper ways as early as possible otherwise it will become more challenging with the time passing by.

If you are able to attract traffic from Instagram then it will grow over time and Instagram will give you huge traffic that can bring money for your site. You make a living with the revenue earned from your new blog only just with Instagram channel traffic. Yes, it’s proven and a lot of bloggers and website owners are enjoying the service for a long time.

Now without spending more time let’s discuss the correct ways to gain traffics from Instagram:

1. Post regularly with Attractive Captions:

Keep posting on Instagram about your latest published articles. Consider posting a similar image as an Instagram post like your latest published article. The image should reflect the topic of your post. Doing not only that, but viewer engagement will also increase if you write properly attractive captions to that particular Instagram story.

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Yes, writing an attractive post caption will work like magnets. Reading the caption texts along with the post image, people can understand the motive behind the published article. Writing high-quality captions will convince your followers on the post subject. They will more likely to visit the site to know the original content. Only sharing an image will not reflect that kind of broader impact on your follower’s mind.

Instagram post with nice caption

2. Create Story Highlights to Related posts

Story highlights are very efficient to drive traffic from Instagram. Normal stories disappear after 24 hours but you can use highlights to retain those forever. People tend to watch stories more than they were before according to the recent reports published by Instagram.

If you’re lucky enough to cross 10000 followers then you probably activated the link sharing option with Instagram stories. In that case, the stories will work like magnets. They will instantly drive traffic from swiping up action.

If you haven’t reached the threshold then don’t be upset. As the story highlight feature will also work for you. Yes, you may not drive traffic instantly from the swiping-up link, but your followers may visit your site from the link in the bio section.

This popular strategy works well for fashion-related articles or product review-type articles. Many web stores drive traffic from Instagram story highlights. You have to focus on the proper story design, make sure to use engaging graphics which will be loved by anyone. Remember Instagram shows your stories not only to your followers, rather to all the users out there (If you let your account as public). Make sure that your account is public, and then your feed posts and stories will be rotated to a larger audience.

Instagram Story
Instagram Story

3. Use Link in Bio Feature

Now, this is the best method for those accounts who yet not reached the 10000 followers mark. After reaching this threshold you can activate direct webpage link sharing with Instagram stories. But if you haven’t reached that yet, then make sure to use the Link in Bio feature.

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Instagram provides you to use a website link or webpage link in your profile’s bio section. You need to take the advantage of this feature. Create a profile in Integrate your Instagram account with the profile. They will give you access to use feature. will create a webpage for your Instagram posts with a clickable link feature. That means if someone taps on the feed post images then it will work like a link and directly open your intended webpage. Sound’s exciting isn’t it? Then make sure to add eye-catching jaw-dropping mesmerizing images into posts and link them back to your website or blog’s post pages.

The methodology will work like this; if your post attracts someone then he/she will visit your bio section for sure. Make sure to write engaging words in the bio section so that users tap on the link in bio, and visit your link-in bio page. From that place, users can directly redirect to your website after clicking on any image or video thumbnail. Applying the methodology as it is written, you will see a definite increase in traffic from Instagram on your newly published blog site.  

Instagram Linkinbio
Instagram Linkinbio

4. Use Influencer Marketing Option

If you’re very new in the market or just started your blog site then you need to showcase your brand’s name to the outside world. So you need to advertise, and on Instagram, that will work best with Influencer marketing. Without proper marketing, people will not show any interest in a new business. Influencers come in handy in this case. They have a huge follower base.

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Influencer marketing will work more than normal Instagram ads marketing. People trust Influencers more rather than traditional display ads. To find proper influencers for your niche. Influencers can break the barrier of a “new brand”.

If your influencer influences people properly, then it will reflect on your website greatly. Users will visit your site and your revenue earnings will increase exponentially.

If you have a web store then find influencers on your particular product basis. If you support any customer services then go for general influencers. If you’re a normal blogger then tie up with an established blogger on the platform.

Influencers have to tell their followers about your blog: the topics of your articles, about your product, or the services you are offering. With proper influencing users can get an idea of all the features and characteristics of your site. If it goes well then you don’t have to look back anymore.

Instagram Influencer
Instagram Influencer


Now, these 4 strategies are the ultimate mantra to bring traffic from Instagram into your blog post or website. More traffic means more money. So to income great revenue from this exciting ever happening platform, you should implement the strategies the best way you can. Don’t forget to measure the audience engagements time over time, it will give you more strength after a few months of implementation.

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