8 Essential Tools to Help You Work From Home

Work from home has been increased enormously due to the Covid19 outbreak last year. This article will help you work from home giving the knowledge of some popular tools that are being used by several.

Though we have passed the year and moved in 2021 the option of working from home seems to be the future of many employees out there. A lot of companies already decided to start work from home for their remote and distant employees.

So if you’re among those kinds of employees then you should take the advantage of the essential tools that are needed to work efficiently from your home. It doesn’t mean you have to make your home an office, but make use of the latest tools from your desktop/laptop or smartphone. We are fortunate as there are lots of essential websites and applications available to ease our work-from-home necessity.

Essential Tools to help you work from home
Work From Home Essential Tools

This article will give light on 8 essential tools that you can consider seriously to help you work from home. If you are looking similar kind like that then keep on reading.

Essential Tools to Help You Work From Home:-

Use Trello for Project Management

Trello is one of the best-automated project management tools in this busy world. Project management tools always have been under-appreciated but Trello is not among them. This application comes with next-level visual representation user interfaces with boards, cards, and lists give you the scope to work seamlessly and productively.

It will give you a drag and drop feature to move cards, boards, list any side according to your specification. With a quick glance you can get the overall idea of how your work progression is going, what are the next requirements, where you are stated currently, etc.

You can collaborate on projects from beginning to end. In the Trello cards and boards, you can add or edit comments, attachments, due dates, and more. The automated robot will do the rest. If you’re working on the project with a team then the automated robot “Butler” will sort out your complex tasks and boost productivity multiple times.

You can integrate other apps with Trello like Evernote, Google Drive, Office suits, etc. No matter where you are, which device you are using, Trello stays synchronized with all your devices on the go.

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Trello Work From Home Tool
Trello Work From Home Tool

Use QuickBooks for Finance Related Matters

QuickBooks is an Accounting application developed mainly focusing on small and medium-sized businesses in mind. It offers on-premises accounting environments with also cloud-based functions that accept payments, pay and manage bills and take care of payroll management.

QuickBooks self-employed processes help you to separate your taxes from deductibles. This application collects various data from financial account sources and tracks your professional and personal spending. Thus it will solve your problems regarding taxes issues, overall sales, purchases, invoices, and bills.

QuickBooks will give you an efficient analytical dashboard from where you can get the broader ideas for your upcoming spending; you don’t have to be accounting personnel for the same. It is growing very popularly and already hits 1.3 million users worldwide and supporting in 150 countries as well.

QuickBooks Finance Tool
QuickBooks Finance Tool

Use Timenotes for Time Tracking Problems

In Time management applications Timenotes is one of the best in the market and constantly growing its position. It comes with an excellent time-scaled feature that is simple yet very functional which is perfect for time tracking solutions.

It will give you a clean monthly timesheet by which you’ll get who is working how much time from your project team. You can start or stop the time tracker with a single click and you can get time logs from the functional key areas. Timenotes comes in the mobile app, website, and browser plug-in too, thus you can track from anywhere.

You can get detailed reports on your team’s performances. It can help you to understand the workload and can simplify your invoicing processes. The best part is you can integrate Trello with Timenotes that can give you monthly timesheet reporting in minutes. Timenotes is free forever for the 5-members team, but over than 5-member team, you will be charged US $35/month.

We generally don’t track our working times while working from home. So it is a great application for those who spend too much time on a particular work from home, now they can track their timings and improve with it.

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Timenotes Time Tracking Tool
Timenotes Time Tracking Tool

Use Canva for Designs

Another great tool for all of your graphic designing-related works, Canva will satisfy you the most. Canva gaining popularity very recently and will also keep its place in the upcoming years also.

You don’t have to be a Photoshop expert to use this tool. Its drag and drop feature can give you cutting-edge designs. You can create posters, presentations, Instagram posts, Twitter posts, logos, videos, YouTube thumbnail images, infographics, icons, invitation letters, newsletters, and lots more. All their in-built templates are magnificent and you can use them in 2021 and beyond.

Already there are lots of templates available with the free version, but if you want more then purchase the pro version. The Pro version will provide you many trendy and unique design formats for your business. You can get animated, non-animated, and cool infographics from Canva.

Canva Graphic Designing Tool
Canva Graphic Designing Tool

Use NordPass for Password Management

NordPass: an excellent and very much capable password manager for your business. It supports browser plugins for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. Also supports Windows OS, Linux, and macOS. It has an app version available for iOS and Android.

NordPass will fit best with your business as it suggests strong passwords to use, and also keeps your used passwords in an encrypted manner. You can store unlimited passwords in the NordPass vault. It also keeps your credit card and other banking details safe. NordPass doesn’t fill up forms automatically like other password managers. You can sync the password manager tool across 6 devices.

NordPass Password Manager
NordPass Password Manager

Use Evernote for Taking Notes

Evernote is one of the best online notebooks you can get for your business. Here you can write down new notes, or can manage already written notes. It comes with lots of pre-built templates. You can add images, audio, PDF files, etc documents into your notes.

You can save any web pages, images, and screenshots into your Evernote platform. It comes with efficient app integrations with Gmail, Office 360, Google Drive, Trello, etc. Either you can use Evernote from your desktop or you can download the app into your smartphone. It gives you the power to share notes among all of your devices. You can scan your documents, and sync the documents from integrated apps. So for working at home, Evernote truly helps you a lot.

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Evernote Work From Home Tool
Evernote Work From Home Tool

Use Pocket to Store your Favorite Articles

We search through the web and study various articles before doing any new job relating to our business. Due to this matter sometimes we need to store our favorite articles for future references. Pocket becomes helpful exactly for this purpose. Bookmarking every favorite site is not an easy task. It will create a huge list of bookmarking sites after few months. With the use of Pocket, you can only store the articles and thus it will be more organized.

You can save articles, posts, stories, images, and videos from any website and any app using Pocket. If you suddenly found any great content in a new website you can save that into your Pocket platform. Then read from anywhere at your convenience without any distraction.

Pocket Articles Saver
Pocket Articles Saver

Use Proposify for Work Proposals

Proposify is a great tool to ease down proposal-makings, contracting, and quote-creating processes. If you are looking for contract-creating software then it is the must-have one for you. It gives you easily personalized templates so that you can make amazing work proposals for any kind of project.

You catch the eye of your clients by delivering stylish yet professional contract proposals. Proposify helps you build a scalable closing process for your contract proposal that keeps your brand, content, and deals safe from any kind of mess-ups. Go ahead and build winning proposals, agreements, and contracts with an easy environment with Proposify. You can dominate your deals from start to sign-off with the help of Proposify. Definitely, your Work from Home will look like a better one than your office.

Proposify Contract Making Tool
Proposify Contract Making Tool


These are some best tools according to our choice. You can use all of them or you can go with the one you need. If you use any other tool for your work from home, then let us know in the comments.

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