10 Easy Steps to Drive Traffic to a New Blog in 2021

Standing in 2021, creating a new blog is much easier than to drive traffic to a new blog. There are already enormous articles and videos on the topic of creating a new awesome blog, but where’s the answer to getting views on that?

To drive traffic to a new blog, beginner bloggers are spending too much amount of time and money on unnecessary places but not finding the proper solutions. New bloggers are becoming hopeless and helpless and therefore we bring the 10 easy steps to drive traffic to a new blog.

I will not mention here about creating backlinks, content marketing or email marketing, or similar kinds of stuff. These methods are pretty much hard and not suits for a new blog or for a beginner blogger. These are advanced mechanisms to drive more traffic to a well-established blog. So what are the easy ones? Let’s find out now:

Easy Steps to Drive Traffic to a New Blog
Easy Steps to Drive Traffic to a New Blog

#1: Target for Long-tail Keywords

What’s the point of starting a blog if you’re the only viewer of that website? It makes no sense until if you start doing keyword researches properly from the beginning.

Start doing keyword researches from the beginning days, whatever your niche is, it will become helpful if you create articles focusing on long-tail keywords.

Don’t go for short keywords, as there are already millions of blog articles available in the search engines. You’ll not get any chance to rank at the first spot. You will not get any visitors if your post is been displayed on the 5th or 6th page. People will not be going to look so further, get my point?

Whatever your niche is, start finding long-tail keywords regarding your blog niche. Select those ones which are having decent monthly visits. Use free keyword research tools like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, Semrush, or h-supertools, etc.

Don’t create articles on those keywords which are not getting any kind of monthly visits, verify them in Google Trends. Publishing such posts upfront will be a total waste of time.

Focus on Long Tail Keywords
Focus on Long-Tail Keywords

#2: Create Quality Content

It will definitely not work if you find a suitable long-tail keyword and write something from your mind, without any kind of knowledge on that topic, and then just publish it! Search engines will not mercy you.

Create quality content, but that doesn’t mean I am saying it has to be 100% original. As a beginner in this field, originality will not bring you success at first. Later, after a strong establishment of your blog, then only your originality will pay off, but not in the starting days.

Try to create content after doing a lot of researches on that topic. Try to blend the ratio of already used and original pieces as 8:2 or maybe 7:3 will work fine.

If there is no one to read your posts, then what’s the point of writing original pieces with a lot of effort? So, at first bring traffic with already used, golden, and evergreen content, and then after 1 year or so, write only original content by your own efforts. Play the game in this way to achieve success.

#3: Make Your Site Fast and Mobile-Friendly

Okay, let me tell you, this point actually relates to the development of your blog site, but indeed it’s a factor to drive traffic into the site. People will not love to visit any slow site; waiting will become time-wasting for them with a new blog. Make your site faster; reduce the loading time as much as you can.

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Mobile-friendliness is another quality for bringing mobile visitors into the blog. If your blog is not mobile-friendly then viewers coming from mobile devices will not enjoy your site, and will not visit further.

There are a few awesome blogs available having superb interface from desktop, but the lack of mobile responsiveness affects their daily visits. And mark my word, as time goes on, the number of mobile traffic will increase year after year. That’s why Google is working so much on Page Experience and Core Web Vitals.

#4: Create Your Unique Content Strategy

Being a beginner in the blogging field, you might not know about content strategies then this link will help you for sure. But, if you know about content strategy, then apply a unique one for your newly set up blog.

Unique content strategies can gain you, pocket readers. If you can create articles in your own style, then you’ll definitely see a good amount of returning visitors in your Google Analytics monthly report.

Making a brand is not so easy; it is not something that can be built overnight. Gradually increasing your pocket readers and new ones also will establish your brand after the threshold time. And the key to making a brand is your unique content strategy.

#5: Apply Push Notifications to Drive Traffic to a New Blog

Website Push Notifications are that tools by which beginner bloggers can stay in touch with their visitors after they left the blog site. Yes, this powerful tool can bring back, again and again, any already visited reader.

Use OneSignal or PushEngage, both are very highly effective up to their task. Once a viewer engages in the website, they immediately send an alert to allow the push notifications.

If the viewer allows the alert, push notifications will arrive directly on their devices every time when next articles are published. But, if they didn’t allow that, then it will not be going to happen. But, thinking positively, you can get direct visits and increase the traffic with web push notifications.

Publishers can design and create their custom push alerts for mobile and desktop viewers differently. Not only publishing a new article, but publishers can also send push notifications for previous posts if they want!

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OneSignal Web-Push
OneSignal Web-Push

#6: Use Graphics in the Posts

Only textual basis posts will not do the task. You need to use graphics, insert them into your posts. People love to read articles that are highly blended with proper graphics. Using correct graphics will enhance the comprehension of the article.

When viewers love to read your posts, you will automatically see gradual growth in your Analytics report. Articles with images and videos have the potential to attract shares.

Social sharing increases blog traffic tremendously. Use your own graphics in your posts. Research says, using your own graphics is much better for user retention than using copied ones.

Let your readers understand your articles by viewing images, clip arts, graphs, screenshots, infographics, GIFs, and videos. Applying proper graphics can enhance the quality of the post. Google loves those blogs which are using images or videos or GIFs merged with the textual content.

You can embed Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram feeds directly into your blog. It will not only enhance the visual experience but also add more quality to the topic. The study says, posts having Twitter cards or Instagram feeds are receiving 1.7X visits than a normal one.

#7: Must Use SEO Plugin

Search Engine Optimization is a very tricky task. Mastering SEO for a new blogger is a very difficult thing, so use the SEO plugin for your site. Plugins like Rankmath or Yoast SEO will do the task properly. I will recommend using Rankmath WordPress Plugin for a beginner blogger.

SEO is very hard, and tricky, it’s not like that you can master Google SEO in one night. I will prefer beginner bloggers to do some research on this topic. Watch YouTube videos, read famous journals, otherwise gaining huge traffic may remain your dream.

#8: Use Social Media Platforms Properly

Social media marketing for a new blog is a purely different and vast topic. For a beginner, it will take days to learn properly. We cover this topic in another post, you may check that.

Using social media channels correctly can bring huge visits in a matter of time. In short, a new blogger can take the help of creating Facebook pages of the blog site. But, Twitter is more effective for driving traffic to a new blog than a Facebook page. So my recommendation will be to go for Twitter, use proper hashtags while sharing your links on Twitter.

If your site is established for quite a long time and has gained popularity among the audience, after that the Facebook page can become very useful.

You can share your links in Telegram Channels or in Telegram Groups. It is found that Telegram now has the potential to drive large traffic into blogs. Many WhatsApp users now depend on Telegram, thus it became a popular source of traffic. Use this platform nicely; it will give you good results.

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If you are an established influencer on Instagram, then use that platform to bring traffic into the blog. Otherwise, my opinion will be not to use Instagram from the beginning. Having a lot of followers and having the capability of link sharing with Insta stories will only drive traffic enormously into your blog.

#9: Make Irresistible Headlines for Your New Blog

Headlines are those which can attract the attention of the searchers. Make lucrative headlines that will become irresistible to avoid for the searchers. Whatever good or bad the content is, irresistible headlines will bring you traffic.

If your content has the capability then it can retain the visitor, otherwise, it will reflect on the bounce rate data. Check the bounce rate data every two weeks to understand your content is working or not.

Keep in mind, making your headlines lucrative doesn’t mean creating those like clickbait types. If you are thinking like this, then let me tell you, it will not gain you traffic and on the other hand, the future of your newly created blog will become very uncertain. Avoid creating faulty headlines.

Catchy Headlines
Catchy Headlines

#10: Invite for Guest Blogging

Obviously, inviting new bloggers for FREE guest blogging is a way to popularize your website. Try to make the site popular at first with this method. A popular site can attract visits automatically.

Guest blogging not only makes your site popular, but also enriches it with versatile posts, and can bring traffic on regular basis. It has the potential to generate backlinks too. So, apply this one if you are not yet started guest blogging to your website.

Final Thoughts:

All the things said and done, the main factor will be to imply all the above points correctly into your new blog. The results will take some time to show, keep your patience.

Many bloggers go for the hard methods at the beginning, leaving the basics untouched. That is not the way to prosper. Think all the steps similar to levels of a tough game, where you have to implant proper methods in its actual level.

If you like this article, then let us know by giving your precious comment. I hope it will help new bloggers to get traffic easily and quickly. If you have other easy ideas then you can share your thoughts with our viewers also. Thanks in advance!

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