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In recent times, if you set up a new brand, or selling products online, or set a totally new web-based business and if you want to prosper quickly among the very large competition then you need the help of Influencers.

But, there are certain questions that arise in our minds that who is an Influencer? What are the details over influencer? How to find the perfect Influencer? How to trust them well? How they can manage proper marketing for your brand or product? These are the very obvious terms that come into our minds while thinking of the term influencer-based marketing.

Intellifluence review details over influencer
Intellifluence review -influencer marketing

Intellifluence is such a platform that does all the hard works for you; it can satisfy all your questions nicely. This platform can guarantee you a perfect matching influencer absolutely for your kind of business. They ensure that your products or services get seen by proper audiences out there.

Not only that but also you can alter influencers upon your choice, not having to stick to one influencer all the time. Through multiple worthy influencers, you can get the best chances of visibility in the market.

In this article, we will demonstrate the details over influencer and the Intellifluence platform, the pros and cons, the pricing, and all. First thing first:

What is an Influencer actually?

An influencer is basically is a normal person but has the ability to influence other people over purchasing any product or using any service. It doesn’t matter how the product is, or how well the services are, they just represent in such a way that persuades watchers to use that product.

You can find various influencers on popular social media platforms. The influencers have thousands sometimes close to millions of loyal followers in their respective social media accounts. They engage with them a substantial amount of times, building a strong relationship. Thus their followers feel safe while connected with them. An element of trust is formed which helps to succeed any brand to get promoted in the right channel through their help.

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For example, if you’re having any business in making related items, then you can make an agreement with cosmetics influencers on the popular social media network. Being a makeup influencer, if they promote your makeup item in their respective posts, then their followers will be interested to use the product too.

So your sales will be increased exponentially. Followers try to intimidate what their influencers are using or doing, so this phenomenon helps the companies to reach a proper audience through the right niche-oriented influencers.

Normal people don’t rely on a new brand or on a new product without proper advertising. As I mentioned earlier that there is a trust issue formed between influencers and their followers thus if an influencer shows the new product how good it is, how to use it easily, what benefits they can get from the product then the followers will be interested to use that too!

Now, what is the Intellifluence platform?

Intellifluence is actually an influencer marketing platform. This platform ensures a brand gets the right kind of influencers for their respective businesses. Companies don’t have to look around for proper influencers, don’t need to talk with every influencer, don’t have to think how they’ll promote, how much they’ll take, etc! Intellifluence will do all the hurdles on behalf of a company, saves a lot of time, and select the proper one for proper audiences.

Influencers contact and join the Intellifluence platform to promote their niche-oriented product or services. So intelligence streamlines the right kind of approach towards promoting a brand’s success. Business owners don’t have to think about how their promotions will take place, Intellifluence also keeps track of the multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Intellifluence Platform
Intellifluence Platform

The Key Points of the Intellifleunce – details over influencer Platform

This platform helps you to promote your newly set up business in the right channel for proper success. Here are the key points of the streamlined services offered by Intellifluence:

  • 1. You’ll get real influencers
  • 2. Influencer from different countries and from different niches with different levels of popularity
  • 3. Proper Pricing for Influencers
  • 4. You can choose multiple influencers to represent the product, with no long-term agreement.
  • 5. From influencer discovery to payments all things under one roof
  • 6. Control the campaigns within your dashboard
  • 7. In-app messaging features with detail reporting.
  • 8. Lots of categories for different social media channels
  • 9. You can run multiple campaigns in a single time
  • 10. The platform has great experiences overall kind of domains
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Who can use the Intellifluence?

First of all, if you’re an influencer then you can join. You have to specify your domain with the follower numbers you have. Businesses from small scale to large ones can join the Intellifluence platform. Anyone who wants to promote a product or a service can get the help of this platform.

Various Social Media Networks that are Supported by Intellifluence

Intellifluence holds strong control over a large number of top social media platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitch, Linked In, TikTok, and Reddit. Also, they have influencers on blogs, SoundCloud, Amazon, and other apps.

What are the PROS of Intellifluence?

  • Access a large database of influencers in one platform
  • Reach your target audience easily
  • Perfect Return of Investments
  • In-app messaging with Detail reports
  • Easy to use all the features
  • No long-term contracts or minimum spends or any hidden costs what so ever
  • You can get multiple campaigns active in a single time
  • Pay through Intellifluence platform, be safe and secure

What are the CONS of the Intellifluence?

Practically saying there are not so CONS in the system but:

  • Reports should have more detailing
  • Payouts may take some time


Intellifluence offers 3 kinds of plans for business owners. 2 types of self-service and 1 is fully managed type. Self-services allow full self-control with manageable influencer campaigns, on the other hand in fully managed service Intellifluence will do everything on the owner’s behalf.

Here is the list of all plans:

Starter Plan comes with $99 per month or $950 per year: 1 user, 3 campaigns, 50 influencer applications, 50 influencer pitches.

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Regular Plan, $249 per month or $2,390 per year: 3 users, 10 campaigns, 100 influencer applications, 500 influencer pitches. Also includes enhanced specialty targeting and enhanced influencer targeting.

Advanced Plan (Managed), $599 per month or $5,750 per year: Unlimited users, unlimited campaigns, unlimited influencer campaigns, and pitches. Also includes enhanced specialty targeting, enhanced influencer targeting, assisted campaign setup and management, multi-brand support, external client support, and enhanced customer support.

In the future, you can upgrade or downgrade your plans according to the current requirements. Influencers can able to join Intellifluence for free, and Intellifluence will not charge any commission after the work. All you need to do is create a profile detailing your interests, your domain or niche, and follower support. Then different brands can reach out if they feel you’re a good fit.


Intellifluence is an incredible method to get your image, item, or administration promoted to your intended interest group. You can get to a large number of influencers, make your missions, check progress, and significantly more, across the board place. Intellifluence removes all the issues from cold-reaching likely influencers and watching out for different missions, as well.

In case you’re not totally fulfilled that Intellifluence is the correct help for you, you can utilize the independent brand demo to perceive how the platform functions from beginning to end. The demo permits you to make a mission, create your own goals, discover influencers, and asset the mission so the influencers can get paid safely.

Check it out, we’re certain you’ll like it. Much obliged for perusing.

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